The American Educational Foundation, a Non-Profit (501)(c)(3) organization, provides a support system to the student programs of Hamadeh Educational Services, Inc. (HES).

American Educational Foundation’s mission is to further charitable, educational, and scientific purposes of public school academies and other educational institutions to assist them in their efforts to provide a quality educational experience to children and other members of the community by offering scholarship opportunities, career pathway exploration, athletic enrichment and other necessary services designed to build and strengthen the educational programs.

With one mission in mind, AEF aims to inspire and advance career pathways, sportsmanship and lifelong learning opportunities for young leaders through academic scholarships, enrichment programs, and extracurricular activities to prepare them for the future.

HES Academies

Hamadeh Educational Services provides educational services to four public school academies (PSAs):

The Academies provide an environment that encourages students to become upright responsible decision-makers, reflective of equity, respect and understanding, while maximizing each individual’s intellectual, physical, psychological and moral self. All of the Academies are located in the metro Detroit area and are dynamically making a difference in the lives of our children and future leaders.

Since inception the founder of HES and AEF, Mrs. Nawal Hamadeh, has committed to provide a scholarship program to its student graduates as soon as the academies begin graduating students and she personally established and funded the “Nawal Hamadeh Scholarship Program”.  The competitive & rigorous application process incorporates quality performance throughout high school, Community Service and embodying the HES Four Pillars of Scholarship, Character, Culture, and Community.

The Students

The Academies are comprised of over 3,300+ students. The Prek-12 programs cater to the needs of our community and students who come from diverse cultures, linguistic, and academic backgrounds. The students and families served by the Academies are predominantly low to moderate income. Currently 85.2% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunches and 63% of our students are Limited English Proficiency (LEP) learners.

The Academies provide an outstanding, high quality education that focuses on the Michigan Core Curriculum, and international standards. Students also learn the Arabic language and culture within a safe environment. Home to students from more than two dozen countries, the Academies encourage students to tear down walls and build bridges while sharing and celebrating their own and others diverse cultural backgrounds. In this safe and respectful environment, dedicated educators lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning, offering an innovative, world-class education to inspire students and prepare them for their future roles as responsible citizens and the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Goals

Educational disparity has little to do with differences in student ability. It is more often influenced by the familiarity with career opportunities, the navigation of college admissions, and the challenges of seeking financial aid. Our students face these obstacles on their path to securing their educational dreams. AEF is working to support the Academies to eradicate the educational disadvantages which accompany low socio-economic influences, linguistic challenges or resource obstacles that can limit educational and career opportunities. It is our goal to support students through focused enrichment programs to overcome these barriers.

By engaging our community and business partners for support, we are striving to increase access to college and career training, foster business and education collaboration, and increase our student’s preparation for 21st century careers. We promote participation in a wide variety of athletic and enrichment activities which serve to help students become well-rounded individuals and increases leadership, teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Our vision is to provide each student with the knowledge, opportunity, and support to secure educational resources to prosper and achieve their dreams.

  • ◈ Academic Scholarships
  • ◈ Extracurricular Activities
  •       ◈ Career Pathway Exploration
  • ◈ School Enrichment Programs
  • ◈ Athletic Programs
  • ◈ Academic Scholarships
  • ◈ Extracurricular Activities
  • ◈ Career Pathway Exploration
  • ◈ School Enrichment Programs
  • ◈ Athletic Programs

Annually, the scholarship is awarded to qualified students who are focused on their goals of entering and completing higher learning degrees from the college and university of their choice and to become career ready.

Since 2004, HES and Mrs. Hamadeh have generously donated over $700,000 to graduates of the HES academies and local community.
With the resources being limited and the need.

The Nawal Hamadeh Scholarship has become the American Educational Foundation Academic Excellence Award. Scholarships are available to qualifying students to support their educational goals of being admitted into the college or university of their choice and to complete the requirements to realize career goals to be successful and independent working members of this country and the world.